"When diet is incorrect, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need."
- Ayurvedic Proverb

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More Than Food is a go-to resource for individuals who are looking to unearth how food affects the body, as well as to improve their overall health through the power of nutritional support. Founded by Jessica Lorin Tate (Elizondo), best holistically-focused certified nutritionist consultant who partners alongside you on your journey toward optimal health. Learn more about her.

Core Nutrition Services

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Personal Nutrition Counseling

Customized nutrition support for every individual to achieve holistic health goals.

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Pregnancy & Pediatric Nutrition

Maternal nutrition and pediatric support for you and your growing baby. Best food guides for all ages from birth to adulthood.

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Detox Program

Best body cleanse program to manage your weight loss goal or to help eliminate toxins for a healthier lifestyle.

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Not sure what you’re looking for? Work with Jessica to find more functional nutrition services that suit you. 

Why More Than Food With Jessica?

In nutrition and health, there is no one-size fits all program. I am a holistic nutritionist and personal health advisor who focuses on uncovering the root causes of your symptoms. Our goal together is to support the natural physiology of your body (rather than treat the symptoms) to achieve your optimal health potential.

Our practice is more clinically based rather than simply changing around diet (which is also part of the process) because we utilize techniques like practice Nutrition Response Testing and functional blood work analysis to help best understand what is happening within someone’s body.

Do These Sounds Like You?

checkmark-flat   Tired of trying to get fit and healthy on your own?

checkmark-flat  Want to start a healthy living lifestyle but do not know where to start?

checkmark-flat  You have tried everything on your own but not seeing results?

checkmark-flat  Too busy with your lifestyle to keep up with your body’s nutritional needs?

checkmark-flat  Have health issues that need proper guidance with food intake?

Nutrition Benefits

More Than Food

checkmark-flat  Improve digestion

checkmark-flat  Increase energy and overcome fatigue 

checkmark-flat  Weight management

checkmark-flat  Improve headaches and chronic pain

checkmark-flat  Hormonal balance

checkmark-flat  Decrease anxiety and sleeping troubles

checkmark-flat  Improve focus and concentration 

checkmark-flat  Complete kitchen makeover

checkmark-flat  And so much more!

Interested in partnering with Jessica on your personal health goals?


What your peers are saying!

“Jessica worked with my son, a national level soccer player, to help him reduce his reliance on [medication] to relieve knee joint and other pain arising from an intense training schedule. Within a matter of days, my son no longer needed [the medication], and felt markedly better using nutritional supplements. Thank you, Jessica!!!!”

Laura B.

“I knew my eating habits were unhealthy. Jessica expertly informed me each week about a new nutritional category related to a wellness objective we established and held me accountable on her weekly eating challenges. I soon began to sleep much better through the night and power right through that early afternoon crash. My mind is much more focused, and I can feel a huge difference in how my body feels after eating much more wholesome foods. I would highly recommend the Nutritional Advising program to anyone looking to improve oneself through natural and healthy means.”

Mason A.

“Starting the Heal Program with Jessica Elizondo was so beneficial for me. I learned at a new level how to be responsible for my food, exercise, and supplements. I was amazed to learn that one particular food was not for me, causing so much distress, and now I am a much healthier and happier person. Jessica’s guidance was gracious, professional and totally inspiring.”

Brenda S.

Nutrition Office

For your convenience, More Than Food Nutrition is hosted at East Cobb Spine and Sport Chiropractic. Virtual (phone) Visits are available, upon request.

(Corrective Chiropractic) Buckhead Atlanta

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(Corrective Chiropractic) Decatur

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