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Homemade Natural Vapor Rub and Essential Oils for Everyone

What is your go-to with stuffiness, nasal drainage and as your chest rub? Is Vicks VapoRub on the nightstand ready for combat? I’ll tell you, it was for me. The soothing peppermint-like scent that waded into my nostrils, clearing out any congestion I had and to relieve common colds. It was wonderful.Until I learned that […]

How to Help Seasonal Allergies

  Pesky allergies are no fun! Can I have an “AMEN!”? The time of year is upon us when many of our bodies start to react to the changing of seasons and blooming of flowers. I am also seeing now more than ever that clients are not just experiencing Springtime allergy symptoms, but it’s all year-round! […]

What is Nutrition Response Testing? How Can Blood Works Help?

How do blood work and nutrition work together beautifully? Now that I have your attention, let’s chat! The body works as a whole unit, and various factors are at play when talking about overall health — emotional stressors, food and nutrient intake (or lack thereof), sleep habits, exercise routine, sunshine and toxin exposure, etc. As […]

My 7 Top Health Practices

  Happy Monday! I was listening to a sermon the other day, and the preacher shared that it’s in the small, dedicated practices that create long-term change. So, what better way to start the week than to share some of my favorite day-to-day health practices that cumulatively make a big impact on our overall wellness! 7 Healthy […]

What are the BEST Supplements?

  We work quite a bit with food supplements in the office to aid in supporting people’s bodies toward better health. But there is a caveat – some supplements are superior to others. Before we dive into which ones to choose, we must first need to understand how the body utilizes them. There are various types […]

What I Learned from Detoxing

Why I Get To Detox? Detoxing Your Life, Your Home, and Your Body Sometimes I get on these detox kicks – I will decide to have closet decluttering: one shirt is no longer a great wear and all of a sudden half my closet is tossed across the floor in separated piles (1- Goodwill, 1- […]

Are Fats Healthy?

  Sugar and fats are pretty much associated with each other when it comes to its relationship to heart disease. Unfortunately, our culture has victimized fats as the culprit to all of our health woes. But guess what? That was a scam.   The Unsweetened Truth of Sugar   Here is a quick history on what really […]

Fair Trade Chocolate Pudding

The Bitter History of Chocolates Chocolate. Oh, the sweetest of decadent treats. Hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate almond butter smoothies. What’s not oh-so-sweet about chocolate, though, is the amount of forced labor and child slavery involved in harvesting the cocoa beans to make it. This forced slavery thing is very real, friends. In college, I […]

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Fair Trade Chocolate Pudding

Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and FAIR 🙂

  1. Scoop out the avocado, and toss it in a blender/food processor with banana, cacao, and sea salt. Blend. Taste the pudding, and if necessary, add a bit of honey to sweeten.

  2. Optional: Top with coconut cream and Fair Trade cacao nibs, and enjoy!