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Homemade vicks vapor rub

Homemade Natural Vapor Rub and Essential Oils for Everyone

What is your go-to with stuffiness, nasal drainage…
how to help spring allergies

How to Help Seasonal Allergies

  Pesky allergies are no fun! Can I have an “AMEN!”?…
nutrition response testing

What is Nutrition Response Testing? How Can Blood Works Help?

How do blood work and nutrition work together beautifully?…
Heart Disease and Cholesterol

All About Heart Disease and Cholesterol - What's the Connection?

  Heart Disease -- I am sure we all know someone…
7 top healthy living tips

My 7 Top Health Practices

  Happy Monday! I was listening to a sermon the…
Food to Bring on Airplane

What are the BEST Supplements?

  We work quite a bit with food supplements in the…
lessons from detoxing

What I Learned from Detoxing

Why I Get To Detox? Detoxing Your Life, Your Home, and Your…
Are Fats Healthy -avocado source

Are Fats Healthy?

  Sugar and fats are pretty much associated with…
Fair Trade Chocolate Pudding
Guacamole and Sweet Potato Chips
Winter Squash Soup