Group Grocery Tour Program

Group Grocery Tours Grocery shopping got you down and stressed? Have no fear! Spend some time with Jessica to learn efficient ways to maneuver through the grocery stores and choose the healthiest foods for you and your family (without spending more money than you need to spend!). Gather together a group of 3-6 folks, meet Jessica at a local store, and explore the ins and outs of successful and productive grocery shopping!

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“Jessica took me on an educational grocery shopping trip, and she guided me on which produce to buy organically and the ones I could buy conventionally. Jessica taught me how to look for Fair Trade on packaging, how to determine what ingredients are not good for us, which poultry and meat were safe to buy, and those we should avoid. Because of Jessica, I learned a much healthier way to shop, and I still utilize all that she taught me today. Jessica also sent me some excellent recipes and taught me how to replace/substitute ingredients. She really is one of a kind, and I love all the meals I have made from her posts on IG and FB- More_Than_Food. So grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn from Jessica.”

Chelsea, New Orleans

Let’s get your friends, and let’s go shopping — healthy foods!

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