Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy Cooking ClassesWhether you want to have a fun night at the house with a group of people, or you have the desire to learn how to cook new dishes, set up a Healthy Cooking Class with Jessica! Learn how to properly hold a knife, ways to best prepare beets, or techniques to whip up a quick and healthy dinner— the options are endless! She will work with you to meet your cooking goals while having a great time in the process.

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“I do not cook, and I wouldn’t say I even enjoy cooking, but after I met Jessica I became more mindful of the foods I consume. I realized eating out cannot fulfill those “whole, natural” requirements my body deserves. Jessica showed me the power of cooking at this point! In her kitchen she gave me some uncomplicated recipes using vegetables (not thawed from a freezer bag of corn either!), simple spices, and basic kitchen tools. She showed me that eating whole, real food is more simple than we think. I am rather embarrassed that I do not yield a knife well and I didn’t know what steaming was, but she taught me this information without judgement, so I could start mastering the basics and enjoy my own cooking!”

Rachel, Atlanta

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