Hi Everyone!

Meet my friend Jill. She wanted to improve her health, so in February 2018, we started partnering together on her health journey. And what a transformation she has made!

Jill’s initial symptoms :: joint pain, indigestion, sugar-handling challenges, dependence on coffee for energy, hormonal imbalances, weight gain

Steps to improved health :: 1) discovered food intolerances 2) changed diet 3) found nutrient gaps and supplemented with whole-food based concentrates and herbs 4) watched her body and health transform!

Over a 6-month health transformation (+ a detox!), Jill’s successes :: 30+ lb weight loss, improved immunity, more balanced hormones, increased energy, decreased aches and pains, improved digestive health

Jill's Health Transformation. More Than Food Nutrition

Looking to reboot your own health? Let’s partner together to make 2019 your healthiest year yet!

Email (letschat@morethanfoodnutrition.com) or call the office (Corrective Chiropractic 404-355-5499) for more info.

Looking so forward to hearing from you!

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