Kitchen Detox Program

Kitchen Detox-food analysis guideJust like the body needs a cleaning out every once in a while, so do our kitchens! How many items in the cupboard have gotten stuffed in the back and forgotten? Are there more foods in the cabinet (packaged, boxed, or canned) or the refrigerator (fresh and perishable)? Are menus the same each week (and getting boring)? Or have you or someone in your family been given a health diagnosis that requires a food and lifestyle shift?

Work with Jessica to help analyze and organize the foods in your kitchen to learn not only which foods to stock each week, but also how to save money by making sure no food goes to waste on a weekly basis.

Here is what you’ll need to do before your appointment.

From there you will have options. Check out the Grocery Shopping Tours and Healthy Cooking Classes for more information.

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“Jessica’s clean kitchen detox is truly an eye-opening experience and MUCH EASIER than I anticipated. I was amazed at how much food in our home was wasted space, both for the pantry and nutritionally. Jessica makes the entire process a breeze – it’s simple, educational and believe it or not…actually kinda fun!”

Josh, Decatur

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