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Personal Nutrition AdvisingAll bodies require a certain amount of nutrients to function optimally, and if there is not enough “gas in the tank” to make the car (aka your body) run well, systems are thrown off-balance. These imbalances can then lead to unwanted symptoms like bloating, low energy, sleeping challenges, hormonal imbalances, or a compromised immune system. As a society, we have steadily accepted these symptoms as “just the norm”, and we are sadly mistaken. Rather, they are indicators — the body’s way of telling us what is happening inside of us.

The good news: you can get to the root cause of your symptoms and correct them for good. Work one-on-one with Jessica to balance your body’s nutrient levels and detox your organs. The approaches and techniques used inside and outside of the office focus on working alongside the body to support all of its systems (because everything in the body is so intricately connected). Throughout the process, you will also learn which foods to choose sparingly (if at all) and the ones to consume regularly for your optimal health.

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“I was very fatigued, stressed, had major sinus issues, trouble falling and staying asleep, and was very lethargic. Since seeing Jessica, I have more energy than ever, don’t have to take [medication] to fall asleep, my mind is sharp, and my body is in constant motion. Her positive attitude and holistic approach of not just sufficing the symptoms, but truly solving the problem has 100% improved my overall quality of life and I recommend her to everyone!”

Sarah, Atlanta

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