Pregnancy & Pediatric Nutrition

Pregnancy and Pediatric NutritionPregnancy is such a sweet time for mom and baby, and when mom is eating for two, it is vitally important what kinds of food are fueling both her and her little one. Wholesome nutrients help build the foundation for a baby’s body from the spine to the brain to the organs to the fingernails. A baby’s proper development largely depends on the fuel it gets from a mom’s diet. Then, post birth, it is important to ensure the baby is continuously receiving optimal nutrition for further growth.

During the nine months of carrying a baby and the additional months of breastfeeding, a mom’s body is also going through various changes and stresses. Work with Jessica to help support the natural process of pregnancy, as well as meet your body’s nutritional needs, both during and after delivery.

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“I started seeing Jessica shortly after the birth of my second child. After struggling with postpartum anxiety/depression with my first, I was determine to not fight the same battle so deeply again. The whole food supplements she has given me— based on what my body was specifically needing— has helped me so much with this struggle! I believe that my second baby is healthier than the first because of the vitamins/supplements she is getting through my milk. I came to Jessica with lifelong digestive issues, horrible leg cramps and overall fatigue, and in just about 5 months of consistency, I am starting to feel younger and so much better. Jessica has been so encouraging in this journey to better health and has given me tips and practical ways to change my diet to best fuel my body without putting me into more mommy guilt! I highly recommend her!”

Hannah, Atlanta

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