Homemade vicks vapor rub

Homemade Natural Vapor Rub and Essential Oils for Everyone

Homemade vicks vapor rub

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What is your go-to with stuffiness, nasal drainage and as your chest rub? Is Vicks VapoRub on the nightstand ready for combat? I’ll tell you, it was for me. The soothing peppermint-like scent that waded into my nostrils, clearing out any congestion I had and to relieve common colds. It was wonderful.Until I learned that there are safer and healthier ways to get the same effect. Environmental Working Group is an organization that researches the safety of the products we put on our skin. And we have to be super careful these days with the products we use because they can be filled with toxins.



The skin is the largest organ of the body, and whatever gets applied to it goes into every cell within seconds. So if we are applying toxic or chemical-laden ingredients into our skins, our cells notice (and they react!). And cellular health is SO important because cells run the body. So do we want our bodies running on chemicals or nutrients? I choose the latter!

Vicks VapoRub is one of the most popular decongestants used in every household — mostly applied under our nostrils, on our temples, and mostly used in our throats and as chest rubs. But there are studies that show ingredients in Vicks can cause short- and long-term ill health effects, especially when used continuously. That’s why proper usage of this product is advised and should only be used externally. Camphor which is one of the main ingredients of this brand of vapor rub can negatively impact your entire body, which can cause various types of reactions like irritated skin, long-term allergy reactions (sneezing, coughing, stuffiness — ironic, huh?), potential immune reactions that could lead to cancerous cells, and organ system toxicity. Yikes!

For mommies who want to soothe the nasal congestions and relieve common colds of your little ones, pls. be reminded that the Vicks VapoRub is a big no-no to them as it can cause potential hazards especially for babies below 2 years old. Luckily, they offer Vicks BabyRub Soothing Vapor Ointment for your little one. It is helpful to check the ingredients and potential concerns for this product through this EWG researches.

So what can we do to avoid these harmful consequences but still achieve the same soothing effect?


coconut-essential oil

The Solution: Make Your Own Natural Vapor Rub!

Good news, friends! There is a very simple way to make your own version of Vicks Vapor rub that is better for your body and provides healing to your nasal! Coconut and peppermint oils are amazing supports and detoxes for the body!

What you need :

  • Coconut oil
  • Good quality peppermint oil (from reputable brands like doTerra and Young Living)
  • Mix 2-4 tbs of coconut oil with 1-2 drops of peppermint oil in a mason jar.
  • Apply to the bottom of your nose, cheeks, and/or bottom of your feet (at night- put on socks, and the oils will help detox your body).
Voila! And you are finished – enjoy the soothing effects of natural oils!

Share us your thoughts!

Do you have any other DIY home remedy similar to this? Share how was your experience using this or any other natural home remedy not just for coughs and colds — Drop comments below!


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how to help spring allergies

How to Help Seasonal Allergies

how to fight seasonal allergies


Pesky allergies are no fun! Can I have an “AMEN!”? The time of year is upon us when many of our bodies start to react to the changing of seasons and blooming of flowers. I am also seeing now more than ever that clients are not just experiencing Springtime allergy symptoms, but it’s all year-round! The body is constantly at-bat against allergens entering the system, whether they be food, nature, or stress.

So how does one fix the situation? Let’s chat about that.

How Allergies Work

First, let’s determine where do we get these allergies and how does our body react.

    The body senses a “foreign invader” (pollen, grass, food, or other stressors), and the immune system tags it as a toxin as a future warning.
    When that same invader enters the body again, the immune system responds quickly with its strongest weapons (like histamine) to attack and destroy the invader.
    You experience the sniffling, sneezing, cough, mucous, etc., which is triggered by your body’s response to eliminate the threat of the allergen.


The Gut’s Role in Your Overall Health and Immunity

We all know about “gut feeling.” But did you know that out “gut’s” contributes to our overall health and immunity? First, let’s understand what is “gut“. It is also called as gastrointestinal (GI) tract or digestive system which is a group of digestive organs working together in sustaining and protecting the overall health and wellness.

Considering over 60% of the immune system is hosted within our guts, the digestive system plays an integral role in determining its strength. The foods we eat, drinks we consume, and toiletries we put onto our bodies matter. They either help support & build up OR work to tear down the function of our digestive track. Therefore, keeping your digestive system (along with other body systems healthy, of course) means boosting your immunity to fight against seasonal allergies.


3 Natural Ways to Fight and Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Wondering how to stop the internal fight? Have no fear — there are ways to help mitigate symptoms and support the function of your body!

    Per our conversation about “leaky gut,” it is imperative to fill the diet with whole, natural, organic foods (leafy greens, veggies, some fruits, clean meats, and tons of healthy fats). While some of the processed foods initially taste yummy, they drastically harm the body’s systems (short- and long-term) just like poison, pesticides, infections, and smoke does. All of these things cause internal inflammation of some kind, which causes the immune system to react. We need to repair the gut, not create holes.

    To-Do :
    Eliminate all processed foods – grains, dairy, soy, sugar (causes of inflammation). If that task seems overwhelming, start with cleaner versions of each food (organic and sprouted ancient grains, grass-fed and organic dairy, or natural sweeteners like raw honey or maple syrup). Then, work to eliminate one entire category at a time until all categories are not in your diet. For the sake of your gut, immune system, and future health, choose foods that fuel and not destroy.
    Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Anything that touches the skin gets absorbed into the body within seconds. Fragrances (unless from pure essential oils), antiperspirants, and the chemicals in lotions all wreak havoc and are tagged as toxins (hence, leading to inflammation). So if you are using a chemical-laden lotion daily, your body is constantly bombarded with immune pressure.

    To-Do :
    Swap all things that go on or near your skin to all-natural, organic options. Environmental Working Group has an online database where you can type in your product, and you will receive its letter grade of toxicity. The higher the grade, the safer the ingredients. Check out how to make your own natural remedy for colds and decongestion using essential oils.

    Looking for a specific product to swap? Let’s chat — I’ll share my faves!
    If our bodies are utilizing all of the (sometimes few) nutrients, we have to manage inflammation. We need to sometimes add extra support to give the body a boost.We have talked already about NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) and blood work analysis and together, these techniques help us determine what is needed by your body personally. If allergies are overwhelming your systems, we might look at immune / liver as a means or support. Or perhaps, it is the cardiovascular system that needs up-regulation and extra nutrition. Certain foods and herbs are excellent at helping support the body’s natural physiology is dealing with allergies and building up gut health.

    To-Do :
    Set up a time for us to get together to analyze your blood work and body’s functionality in responding to allergens!


Do you want to set up a nutrition visit to determine the best support for your body?

We would love to partner with you on your detox journey.


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7 top healthy living tips

My 7 Top Health Practices

7 top healthy living tips


Happy Monday! I was listening to a sermon the other day, and the preacher shared that it’s in the small, dedicated practices that create long-term change. So, what better way to start the week than to share some of my favorite day-to-day health practices that cumulatively make a big impact on our overall wellness!

7 Healthy Living Practices for a Healthy Life

1. Start off Day with Water and Fats

After multiple hours (hopefully!) of sleeping without water, the body becomes slightly dehydrated. Think about that first glass of water as the power turning on the lights inside. You know when you see that scene in a movie when a dark room suddenly glows with the brightest of lights with the flick of a switch? That is what water does–it energizes your cells, boots up your metabolism and flushes out toxins.

Furthermore, sometimes when we are awake and feel hungry, we are actually thirsty, so the water helps us determine how much food to eat without overeating. A glass of room temperature water is a great start to the day, and adding fresh lemon juice and/ or 1-2 tbs of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is even. better!

As far as the fats, our body’s engines crave this nutrient for so many functions. By consuming fats first thing in the morning, it sends a message to your brain to stimulate your metabolism and utilize fats for fuel (instead of carbs). We need plenty of healthy fats, friends.

Some of my favorite options include:

      • Grass-fed meats and eggs
      • Wild-caught fish
      • Almond butter with a piece of fruit
      • Eggs + sweet potato
      • Avocado, chia seed pudding
      • Raw nuts and seeds
      • Smoothie with coconut milk or flakes
      • Check out my morning fuel recipes smoothies for more ideas!

2. Sleep at least 7 hours, ideally 2 hours before midnight

The research is in! Sleep trumps so many of the healthy practices we work into our daily lives. Do not get me wrong, exercise, healthy eating, showering … they are all necessary and good habits. However, the need for adequate and good quality rest of absolutely utterly essential to good health.
So much happens during our zzz’s like body detoxification, cell regeneration, hormone balance (hey, weight loss!), and a brain reboot, to name a few.

Adults need 7-9 hours of good sleep to experience health benefits. However, there are quite a few health detriments for a lack of sleep, too. Did you know that a chronic (long-term) lack of good sleep is the main instigator of many diseases and reactions (like a stroke)?

Here is a list of health hazards made by Dr. Mercola in his article Nobel Prize-Winning Science Highlights Importance of Good Sleep for Health”. So prioritize your rest, friends!

Effects of Lack of Sleep to Our body and Productivity:

    • Reduced ability to learn or remember
    • Reduced athletic performance
    • Increased risk of neurological problems, ranging from depression to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
    • Reduced regulation of emotions and emotional perception
    • Reduced productivity at work and poor grades in school
    • Reduced creativity at work or in other activities
    • Increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease
    • Increased susceptibility to stomach ulcers
    • Reduced ability to perform tasks
    • Slowed reaction time
    • Decreased immune function
    • Contributes to premature aging by interfering with growth hormone production, normally released by your pituitary gland during deep sleep

3. Read a book or journal before bed

Speaking of sleep–the kind of light from our technologies drastically affects the quality of our sleep, so if we are staring into the abyss of the internet or emails 30 seconds before bed, your brain is confused if it is daytime or night-time.

The best way to calm down the mind and shift into rest mode (especially if you struggle with good quality sleep) is to read a book or journal for at least 30 min in bed. This is one of my favorite parts of the day because I get to be in a calm and quiet place, reading a book or my bible, journaling some thoughts.

Whether I am reflecting, goal setting, or fully enjoying a good beach read about a cheesy love story, my body is settling down and understanding that rest is soon. Taking this time can help you sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed.

4. Pictures around my home

I love my people, and seeing them every day around my house makes my soul happy. Surrounding ourselves with people who bring us joy and makes us better are those who I call AV (added value) people. I need my AV folks with me all the time, and because most do not live in Atlanta with me, photos are the next best thing.

5. Move my body 4-5 x a week, mix-up workouts

Movement is life for the body. God designed us to stand, to move, to squat. Our muscles should be worked and moved. Moving every day is important, and intentionally exercising 4-5 x a week is a positive thing, not only for the cardio system but also for the mind.

Research shows that decreased incidents of depression and digestive issues are related to regular exercising. Moving your body helps circulate blood flow, flushes out toxins, gets into those stubborn fat cells for weight loss, improves skin, and supports mood balance.

So much goodness comes from exercising! Now, make sure you enjoy your workouts–sometimes they push you beyond your limits, while other times they are meant to be rejuvenating. They are always meant to be fun, though!

6. Create a vision board

When we are clear on what we want to achieve, accomplish, purchase, and enjoy, the path to these things becomes easier to navigate. One is able to see an end goal and make the effort to work her or his way to that point.

For the first time last year, I created a vision board with various pictures and quotes describing things on which I wanted to focus in 2017 (work, health, and personal goals). I keep the collage in my bathroom, so I see it every morning. This helps me always remember my purpose and the things I set to accomplish on a daily basis.

7. Eliminate sugars

Do our bodies need sugar? Just a slightly teeny tiny amount, yes. From whole foods like blueberries and sweet potatoes. However, most everything else can be tossed out of the window. Sugar in excess is inflammatory, and inflammation is what triggers various diseases.

One of the best health practices we can make is to eliminate all process sugars from our diets and limit even the natural sugars (so not having a massive bowl of fruit at each meal). Simply because the body can only handle so much sugar at one time.

Craving something sweet? Make these bars here! Super tasty and full of a sweet taste and lots of healthy fats! You can also visit my healthy dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Do you have your own healthy living practices like me? Let us hear yours too!

Comment down below or let’s chat to help you develop your own healthy livign practice.

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