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What are the BEST Supplements?

best food supplements


We work quite a bit with food supplements in the office to aid in supporting people’s bodies toward better health. But there is a caveat – some supplements are superior to others.

Before we dive into which ones to choose, we must first need to understand how the body utilizes them. There are various types of supplements, including Isolated and Whole Food versions.

Isolated food supplements mean a part of the vitamin is extracted (or created in a lab) and put into a pill, liquid, or powder form. Contrarily, whole food supplements include the entire food in a pill, liquid, or powder form, which means all parts of that vitamin or mineral, for instance, are present and available to be used.

While isolated supplements certainly have their place in functional support (like when a person needs a therapeutic dose of a specific nutrient), they can sometimes create imbalances in your body long-term because they do not come with all of the parts necessary for them to be fully utilized by the body’s systems.

Here is an example:

Imagine that Vitamin C is a car, and all of the parts to a car (tires, doors, steering wheel, etc.) are the different parts of the Vitamin C complex. Ascorbic Acid is the main component of Vitamin C, so when you look at the back of your Vitamin C supplements label, it will say, “Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)”.

Now, the challenge is that Ascorbic Acid is not the only part of Vitamin C — In fact, there are several other components to that vitamin. So when you take Vitamin C in this isolated form, it is as if you are getting a brand new car that looks shiny and spiffy, ready to drive away. However, once you get seated and buckled, you realize there is no steering wheel. Hard to drive a new car without one of those, right? The car appears to be effective when in reality it is not functional.

Similarly, when we give Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid only, the body cannot fully utilize it because it is missing all of the other parts needed. That is when the inevitable “peeing out your vitamins” phrase comes into play; since your body cannot use the vitamin part present, it sends it out asap.

SO that means the best way to get usable nutrients is to consume whole foods and then fill in the gaps with whole food supplements! That way, the body gets to decide which parts of that vitamin, mineral, etc. need to be used that day. Although we are intelligent beings, we still do not fully understand everything about how foods affect our body’s systems, so it is vital to let nature do its thing (and let the foods do the work).

Here at our office, we offer Standard Process whole food supplements to support your nutrient deficiency. This whole food supplements can only be bought and available to approved health care provider like us, so that means you need to be our client so we can examine and determine the right whole food supplement you might need.

If you have further questions about the best supplements or want to understand your nutritional needs, please contact me directly here to set up your customized nutritional consultation. I look forward to partnering with you on your health journey in 2018!

Interested in seeing what nutritional deficiencies you may have? 

We would love to  fill in your gaps with whole food based supplements?

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lessons from detoxing

What I Learned from Detoxing

Why I Get To Detox?

lessons from detoxingDetoxing Your Life, Your Home, and Your Body

Sometimes I get on these detox kicks – I will decide to have closet decluttering: one shirt is no longer a great wear and all of a sudden half my closet is tossed across the floor in separated piles (1- Goodwill, 1- Keep). Or kitchen detoxing: I will clean out a cupboard shelf, and then somehow an hour later everything is perfectly organized and detoxed once again. It just feels great to clean out the old to make space for the new, doesn’t it?

The body is the same way. While the innate detox mechanisms are superb (and keep us alive and well all the time), we do bombard our bodies with a lot to handle (stress, sweets, fried foods, alcohol, sleeplessness, constant technological stimulation, etc). Therefore, it is helpful to give the body a little boost and extra TLC every one in a while.

#CleanseWithFriends — Last month, we did a GROUP DETOX with staff and clients, and it went so well! The best part about this program is that — we get to eat real food throughout the entire detox while eliminating more of the inflammatory foods (like sugar, grains, alcohol, soy, etc.). As we fuel the body with the good and keep away the more harmful, our detox systems are cleaning at a cellular level and helping us function at an even higher level. All through the power of nourishing food!


3 Things I Learned from Detoxing


1. Proper hydration during detoxification.

Water is so so important. In the first stages of detox, especially, I was getting rid of the gunk hanging out in my body. Water flushes out all the body toxins through perspiration and sweating, urinary and digestive system. Electrolytes can also help you get on track and avoid dehydration.

So as the foods flushed out my cells, all that stuff had to come out (in the form of a headache, bloating, and a bit of a stuffy nose). But water by design is a miracle-worker and helped speed up the detox process. Proper hydration (along with proper nutrition) is also vital for skin health and organ function and supports you throughout your detoxification journey. So more water it is!


2. Bowel movements tell a whole lot about what is happening on the inside. 

We are going to get nice and personal, is that okay?
The ideal poops should be soft and solid, medium to dark in color. They should happen 1-3x a day, and they should be easy to pass. If your stools look differently or are more or less frequent, something could be happening inside (so let’s chat to figure that out!).

With this body cleanse program or detox, we are using some pretty strong foods to clean out the tissues, cells, and organs. Pairing that with the elimination of inflammatory foods allows the body the chance to go into the intestines and get out the remnants of toxins that do not need to be there. And without that extra “weight,” so to speak, you have much more energy to do all the things in your day you want to do! It is a beautiful thing.


3. My perspective shifted on how to eat healthily. 

Busy schedules. Eating on the go. Not enough time — There are a lot of reasons to choose the easy fast-food option versus taking the time to prepare a quick salad. I get it, we all have very full days, and eating — to some — is a to-do rather than a restful time.

Good news! There are ways to lead full lives and still eat well. Doing so does take a bit of effort, but once you are in the swing of things, it’s a breeze! Pre-chopped veggies, crock-pot recipes, soups, and smoothies became my go-to options because they are one-stop shops that do not take a lot of time, yet are packed with nutrition.

I also get to travel for two of the three weekends during the detox and was able to stay on the program throughout the time away. I found restaurants that had lots of veggies and clean meat options – the local and organic places in the cities. Whole Foods was also a great resource because I knew what to expect.

For instance, one night, we needed food right off the highway, and we found a Whole Foods. So I marched into the store on a mission for organic sliced turkey breast, apples, and avocado. I made a delicious wrap out of them, and my tummy was satisfied!


Check out some of my quick and easy detox recipes.

Is your life moving at a super high speed, and healthy meals are a challenge?
Do you travel often and need support on how to eat well on the go?
Need a clean sweep of your system to detox and start a new?

We are here to help! Let’s be in touch about how to get you to an even higher quality of health (and life)!

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How to Deseed a Pomegranate

How to DeSeed a Pomegranate

How to Deseed a Pomegranate


Let’s talk pomegranates. They are:

  • delicious
  • packed with nutrients (who knew those little nuggets could be made of so many good things– Vitamins K, C, B, Folate, Phosphorus, etc.) and
  • indicative that fall/winter are on their way (pomegranate season grows from October through February)!

Here’s the thing with them, though. These seeds are a bit stubborn. Oh, and they can stain everything. May I persuade you to see there is another way to ensure a stain-free method to the goodness at the other end?? Because there is a way to enjoy the seeds practically hassle-free! Just following these steps. I promise–they’re worth the reward when you have a massive bowl-full of tiny red edible rubies. Here are the simple things on how to remove pomegranate seeds.

You’ll need these things:

  • Cutting board (darker the better, so the red color from the seeds is more easily hidden)
  • Sharp knife
  • Bowl of water (big enough to fit both of your hands and a pomegranate)
  • A pomegranate

Step 1. Cut the pomegranate into 4 pieces.
Step 2. Dunk the pomegranate into the water, seed-side facing down.
Step 3. Underwater, pick out the seeds and let them fall to the bottom of the bowl.
Step 4. Once all seeds are extracted, pour out the water from the bowl (use your hand as a guard to keep the seeds from falling out).

And you’re done! It is as easy as that–No red-dye mess. No time-consuming and labor-intensive work, just ease. And a delicious reminder of the chilly air and holidays approaching.

Pomegranate recipe: Dairy-free | Gluten-free | Vegan

Enjoy, friends!


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grocery shopping tips

3 Tips for Easy Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

3 grocery shopping tips


Do you ever make it to the store and feel utterly overwhelmed by the plethora of options and/or people? Or do you simply avoid the shopping chore altogether for this very reason? (Although, I must say I am quite the opposite, and I thoroughly enjoy my shopping trips. It’s like therapy for me — my sister thinks I am slightly crazy, too.)

If you are someone who dreads the store’s challenges, have no more fear, my friend. Grocery shopping for food can be a breeze if you have a plan. So let’s make a shopping plan, shall we? Follow these three guidelines to ensure easier and more pleasant shopping experiences.

1. Come with a shopping list – prepare a weekly meal plan. 

grocery shopping list

Make a list of the meals and the ingredients you plan to enjoy that week. Just focus on the next 7 days. Choose 2 breakfast options, 1-2 lunch options, and 2-3 dinner options. Mix and match, make leftovers, utilize some of the same ingredients for Tuesday’s lunch as you do for Thursday’s dinner.

Plan your recipes, and write down what you’ll need. Then, head to the grocery store on a mission, pen, and paper in hand (trying desperately to bring back the art of writing things down). Walk through the doors, take a breath, and conquer your task in just about 30 minutes (if that!).


grocery store produce area2. Shop the perimeter of the store.

The healthiest foods are located on the walls of the grocery store. The veggies, fruits, meats, raw cheeses, fish — all of the foods that will give life to your body. The aisles, on the other hand, are packed with foods that are bagged, packaged, and canned. Many of these choices need to have longer shelf-lives, so companies add ingredients to them to extend the food’s Use-By dates. Unfortunately, many of these preservative ingredients do their jobs all too well and preserve the foods all too well — meaning that the food gets preserved all too well in our guts, which is not the healthiest for our bodies. Instead, it is best to fill our bodies with life-giving foods, so stick with the outskirts of the shops as much as possible.


3. Eat before you shop. eating healthy snack

This step is a must. Truly, if I walk around a store filled with food when I am hungry, things get worse because I want all the food. Also, as we walk through the store with an empty stomach, we tend to grab for the foods we crave at the moment (and when our blood sugar crashes a bit, we mostly just want the sugary things — Dang sugar). So have a snack of protein and/or healthy fat before heading to the grocery store, so you stick with your list. 🙂

Options for snacks: nuts, fruit, seeds, raw cheese, whole milk/plain grass-fed yogurt, pasture-raised meat slices. You can also make healthy snacks by following my easy and yummy recipes.


Do you want to set up a group grocery tour to make shopping fun and educational?

We would love to help you find the right foods and guide you on healthy shopping journey!

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Food When Stuck in Airport

What To Eat When Stuck in the Airport?

Food When Stuck in Airport


Happy Fall! Where the heck did the summer go? My teacher friends are already talking about finals and Fall Breaks. You always hear that as you get older, time seems to go by faster. How fast is it going to go when I am double my age?! That is why living— and actually experiencing life— is so important.

So, flying this summer was a bit of a fiasco for me. I think I bring bad luck (and weather) to airports. But what am I going to do? I am at the mercy of mother nature and the flight controllers. Alas. One of the great challenges of flying, in general, is finding healthy food options. If you are traveling soon, for sure check out my post on What to bring for food on the plane.

But what happens when you have no control and get diverted to two different airports and are subjected to an airport gate that has 2 restaurants and 1 convenience store?

My old reaction was to get anxious and frustrated with the food options (or lack thereof). Here is the thing, though— in those moments, I had no control over the situation. None. I mean, if I could have summoned a Whole Foods into the food court at that moment, by all means, I would have done it. But unfortunately I haven’t spent enough time practicing that skill at Hogwarts, so I had to work within my means (without anxiety and frustration).

Checklist For Healthy Food Travels

Firstly, I reassured myself that whatever I was going to eat would be the best option I could choose at the time (remember from My Journey, I am a recovering perfectionist). Secondly, I scoped out my options. What were my options that could give me some sort of true sustenance?

Whether you are stuck in an airport or at a restaurant, attending a party, or in a setting where you are trying to figure out what to eat when you don’t have full control, go through this checklist in your brain:

  1. Are there any veggie options?
  2. Choose real foods that have a life.
  3. Avoid the processed/fried/sugar-laden options.
  4. Go raw if you can.

So what does that leave as options?

  • Raw nuts (or roasted if there are really limited options)
  • Fruit (there are always bananas, apples, and/or oranges somewhere at the airport),
  • Salads (ask them to top your salad with all of the veggies they have and avocado if they have it; also, toss with the raw nuts you got from the convenience store!),
  • See if there are any raw carrots or the little veggie dishes in the ridge section at the convenience store.
  • Remember to drink lots of water when flying because your body will be dehydrated. Water will also help move all the things through your body quickly, so you won’t experience indigestion (if that’s a thing for you). Also, remember to be gracious with your body— you are doing the best you can without a whole lot of control. So take authority over your food choice, and make the best decision possible. Then, drink your water while you people-watch, and enjoy the gift of a moment to yourself.


Do you want to set up a nutrition visit to determine the best support for your body?

We would love to partner with you on your detox journey.

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