The Birth of More Than Food

Farmer's Market More Than FoodIn 2015, I desired to create a platform that guided people on how to include whole, nourishing foods into their diets and to help their bodies function better.

As a culture, we have settled on the idea that bloating, constipation, stress, low energy, and sleeplessness are just normal. And we are expected to not question that mindset and then to just throw a drug at the symptom (medicine does have its place when absolutely necessary. However, I believe we use it too often as a means of bandaging the problem rather than figuring out the root cause and correcting that issue first).

Please hear me when I say:

You do not have a broken body. We just maybe need to clean it out and fill it with healing nutrients and energy. 

So, More Than Food is born.

It is a resource that teaches folks healthy living education to obtain optimal health, including which foods to enjoy regularly and those to consume minimally; ways to practice mindfulness; and tips on movement and exercise to keep the body strong.

I want to help give you the BEST chance you have in life, fully experiencing every moment. To do that, we need energy and sustenance. We need healthy hearts and cardiovascular systems. We need to be able to move functionally and well. We need clear and calm minds and nervous systems. We need strong bones and clean organs. We need incredible and humble self-love, so we can continue to pursue our God-given missions here on Earth. We need a whole lot of laughter.

All these things (and more) are going to lead us to a lot of good (and optimal health).