3 Tips for Easy Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

Do you ever make it to the store and feel utterly overwhelmed by the plethora of options and/or people? Or do you simply avoid the shopping chore altogether for this very reason? (Although, I must say I am quite the opposite, and I thoroughly enjoy my shopping trips. It’s like therapy for me — my sister thinks I am slightly crazy, too.)

If you are someone who dreads the store’s challenges, have no more fear, my friend. Grocery shopping for food can be a breeze if you have a plan. So let’s make a shopping plan, shall we? Follow these three guidelines to ensure easier and more pleasant shopping experiences.

1. Come with a shopping list – prepare a weekly meal plan. 

Make a list of the meals and the ingredients you plan to enjoy that week. Just focus on the next 7 days. Choose 2 breakfast options, 1-2 lunch options, and 2-3 dinner options. Mix and match, make leftovers, utilize some of the same ingredients for Tuesday’s lunch as you do for Thursday’s dinner.

Plan your recipes, and write down what you’ll need. Then, head to the grocery store on a mission, pen, and paper in hand (trying desperately to bring back the art of writing things down). Walk through the doors, take a breath, and conquer your task in just about 30 minutes (if that!).

2. Shop the perimeter of the store.

The healthiest foods are located on the walls of the grocery store. The veggies, fruits, meats, raw cheeses, fish — all of the foods that will give life to your body. The aisles, on the other hand, are packed with foods that are bagged, packaged, and canned. Many of these choices need to have longer shelf-lives, so companies add ingredients to them to extend the food’s Use-By dates. Unfortunately, many of these preservative ingredients do their jobs all too well and preserve the foods all too well — meaning that the food gets preserved all too well in our guts, which is not the healthiest for our bodies. Instead, it is best to fill our bodies with life-giving foods, so stick with the outskirts of the shops as much as possible.

3. Eat before you shop. 

This step is a must. Truly, if I walk around a store filled with food when I am hungry, things get worse because I want all the food. Also, as we walk through the store with an empty stomach, we tend to grab for the foods we crave at the moment (and when our blood sugar crashes a bit, we mostly just want the sugary things — Dang sugar). So have a snack of protein and/or healthy fat before heading to the grocery store, so you stick with your list. 

Options for snacks: nuts, fruit, seeds, raw cheese, whole milk/plain grass-fed yogurt, pasture-raised meat slices. You can also make healthy snacks by following my easy and yummy recipes.

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