Asian Detox Stir-Fry, The Best Cleanse Food!

Happy New Year, friends! How were your celebrations? Mine was so wonderful–my sweet friend got married at a winery in Dahlonega, and it was the most beautiful wedding. I just love weddings.

Now that the year is starting anew, it’s time for a detox. My mom has always said, “If not now, when?” So now it is. Once or twice a year, I will do the Standard Process 21-Day detox to reset my body. This detox program is truly amazing because it cleans the body at a cellular level, and the basis is all whole foods. We love those whole foods over here at MTF!

Speaking of Whole Foods, we have some exciting news to share! More Than Food is collaborating with Whole Foods Atlanta for some amazing events and social media fun this year! Once a week during the month of January, MTF will take over the @wholefoodsatl Instagram with a new recipe created especially for Whole Foods Atlanta (so be sure to follow them for updates). It’s pretty much a dream come true–I mean, who wouldn’t want to work alongside WF? I am the most excited!

Because this week begins the detox, I wanted to create a meal that is cleanse-appropriate and nourishing. Plus, it was raining and cold outside this weekend, so my body screamed, “comfort food!” Stir-fry dishes are always warm, super flavorful, and practically foolproof (and truly just so easy to whip up), so Asian food for the win.

I hope you enjoy this savory meal on your couch in your PJ’s wrapped in a blanket with a great movie and your best friend (or your dog, which is essentially the same thing, right?).

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