How Do We Eat According to Nature?

As seasons change, so as the fresh foods and produce in every season. It gives us the perfect opportunity to practice eating seasonally. Seasonal Eating offers lots of health benefits and saves your wallet! This is the perfect time to get creative and experiment recipes you can do with those fresh seasonal foods.

Understanding Nature Cycle & Seasonal Foods We Eat

One of my favorite times of year is the season changes. Now, Fall is my absolute favorite because that means warm chai lattes, sweaters and boots, apple picking, pumpkin patches, and cinnamon-flavored everything. The autumn season also comes with some of the most delicious and soul-soothing foods like squash and pumpkins, and it is so great to be able to go to the market every week for this fresh produce.

Nature has a point in having certain foods peak in freshness at different times throughout the year. For instance, these Fall seasonal produce (like apples) are starchy and filling and usually prepared warm, like in soups and stews. That is because during the colder months, our bodies need more insulation to keep warm, and these foods internally warm up our bodies.

Spring foods are usually leafy green veggies that help our body detox, alkalize and shed extra weights we gained after a long winter of heavier foods we eat.

During these hot Summer months, summer foods like watermelon help our bodies get warm and sweat out a portion of our water supply (especially if you live in the South!). Because watermelon is mostly made of water, it is incredibly hydrating when we need a thirst-quencher. Eating light and veggie/fruit based meals is preferred in the hot months for more of a physiological reason that you may have even realized.

Benefits of Eating Seasonally

1. Supports Our Body’s Seasonal Nutrition Needs. Nature knows best about what our bodies need and they help us get the proper nourishment that our body needs in every season (as explained above).

2. Save your money and supports local farmer’s market — This is one of the many reasons why shopping at the local farmer’s market is so important. Farmers provide us with the foods that are growing at that time and in their ripest state, so we know we are getting produce that is a) highly nutritious and b) equally delicious!

If you go to your grocery store during the Winter months and find that strawberries are exuberantly priced, you will know they are probably not in season and have been sourced (most likely) from super far away. But if you check back, say, come April or May of the following year, these sweet little berries will be priced more fairly because they are in season. So eating seasonally is not only the most nourishing for your body, but it also helps save on your budget.


Check out your local farmer’s market for the in-season foods to fill your plate with nutrients!


You can also check here the seasonal food guide for the US.

3. Freshness, Higher nutrition Value and Much Tasteful! Produce that is harvested and purchased in their season are much fresher since they are consumed near to it’s harvested date; compared to those fruits and vegetables that require travels which needs a preservative to last long until they are consumed (which are more likely in commercial markets and grocery stores). Also, seasonal produce are picked and harvested when they are fully developed so they have higher nutritional value like antioxidants (Vitamin C), folate and carotene. They are also tastier, sweeter.

4. Pesticide-Free/ Pure Organic In Nature. These seasonal foods that are grown in the season do not require much human-assistance like pesticides, preservatives and other harmful chemicals that are applied to have appealing products to the market.

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