How to Help Seasonal Allergies

Pesky allergies are no fun! Can I have an “AMEN!”? The time of year is upon us when many of our bodies start to react to the changing of seasons and blooming of flowers. I am also seeing now more than ever that clients are not just experiencing Springtime allergy symptoms, but it’s all year-round! The body is constantly at-bat against allergens entering the system, whether they be food, nature, or stress.

So how does one fix the situation? Let’s chat about that.

How Allergies Work

First, let’s determine where do we get these allergies and how does our body react.

    The body senses a “foreign invader” (pollen, grass, food, or other stressors), and the immune system tags it as a toxin as a future warning.
    When that same invader enters the body again, the immune system responds quickly with its strongest weapons (like histamine) to attack and destroy the invader.
    You experience the sniffling, sneezing, cough, mucous, etc., which is triggered by your body’s response to eliminate the threat of the allergen.

The Gut’s Role in Your Overall Health and Immunity

We all know about “gut feeling.” But did you know that out “gut’s” contributes to our overall health and immunity? First, let’s understand what is “gut“. It is also called as gastrointestinal (GI) tract or digestive system which is a group of digestive organs working together in sustaining and protecting the overall health and wellness.

Considering over 60% of the immune system is hosted within our guts, the digestive system plays an integral role in determining its strength. The foods we eat, drinks we consume, and toiletries we put onto our bodies matter. They either help support & build up OR work to tear down the function of our digestive track. Therefore, keeping your digestive system (along with other body systems healthy, of course) means boosting your immunity to fight against seasonal allergies.

3 Natural Ways to Fight and Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Wondering how to stop the internal fight? Have no fear — there are ways to help mitigate symptoms and support the function of your body!

    Per our conversation about “leaky gut,” it is imperative to fill the diet with whole, natural, organic foods (leafy greens, veggies, some fruits, clean meats, and tons of healthy fats). While some of the processed foods initially taste yummy, they drastically harm the body’s systems (short- and long-term) just like poison, pesticides, infections, and smoke does. All of these things cause internal inflammation of some kind, which causes the immune system to react. We need to repair the gut, not create holes.

    To-Do :
    Eliminate all processed foods – grains, dairy, soy, sugar (causes of inflammation). If that task seems overwhelming, start with cleaner versions of each food (organic and sprouted ancient grains, grass-fed and organic dairy, or natural sweeteners like raw honey or maple syrup). Then, work to eliminate one entire category at a time until all categories are not in your diet. For the sake of your gut, immune system, and future health, choose foods that fuel and not destroy.
    Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Anything that touches the skin gets absorbed into the body within seconds. Fragrances (unless from pure essential oils), antiperspirants, and the chemicals in lotions all wreak havoc and are tagged as toxins (hence, leading to inflammation). So if you are using a chemical-laden lotion daily, your body is constantly bombarded with immune pressure.

    To-Do :
    Swap all things that go on or near your skin to all-natural, organic options. Environmental Working Group has an online database where you can type in your product, and you will receive its letter grade of toxicity. The higher the grade, the safer the ingredients. Check out how to make your own natural remedy for colds and decongestion using essential oils.

    Looking for a specific product to swap? Let’s chat — I’ll share my faves!
    If our bodies are utilizing all of the (sometimes few) nutrients, we have to manage inflammation. We need to sometimes add extra support to give the body a boost.We have talked already about NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) and blood work analysis and together, these techniques help us determine what is needed by your body personally. If allergies are overwhelming your systems, we might look at immune / liver as a means or support. Or perhaps, it is the cardiovascular system that needs up-regulation and extra nutrition. Certain foods and herbs are excellent at helping support the body’s natural physiology is dealing with allergies and building up gut health.

    To-Do :
    Set up a time for us to get together to analyze your blood work and body’s functionality in responding to allergens!

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