What are the Best Supplements?

We work quite a bit with food supplements in the office to aid in supporting people’s bodies toward better health. But there is a caveat – some supplements are superior to others.

Before we dive into which ones to choose, we must first need to understand how the body utilizes them. There are various types of supplements, including Isolated and Whole Food versions.

Isolated food supplements mean a part of the vitamin is extracted (or created in a lab) and put into a pill, liquid, or powder form. Contrarily, whole food supplements include the entire food in a pill, liquid, or powder form, which means all parts of that vitamin or mineral, for instance, are present and available to be used.

While isolated supplements certainly have their place in functional support (like when a person needs a therapeutic dose of a specific nutrient), they can sometimes create imbalances in your body long-term because they do not come with all of the parts necessary for them to be fully utilized by the body’s systems.

Here is an example:

Imagine that Vitamin C is a car, and all of the parts to a car (tires, doors, steering wheel, etc.) are the different parts of the Vitamin C complex. Ascorbic Acid is the main component of Vitamin C, so when you look at the back of your Vitamin C supplements label, it will say, “Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)”.

Now, the challenge is that Ascorbic Acid is not the only part of Vitamin C — In fact, there are several other components to that vitamin. So when you take Vitamin C in this isolated form, it is as if you are getting a brand new car that looks shiny and spiffy, ready to drive away. However, once you get seated and buckled, you realize there is no steering wheel. Hard to drive a new car without one of those, right? The car appears to be effective when in reality it is not functional.

Similarly, when we give Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid only, the body cannot fully utilize it because it is missing all of the other parts needed. That is when the inevitable “peeing out your vitamins” phrase comes into play; since your body cannot use the vitamin part present, it sends it out asap.

SO that means the best way to get usable nutrients is to consume whole foods and then fill in the gaps with whole food supplements! That way, the body gets to decide which parts of that vitamin, mineral, etc. need to be used that day. Although we are intelligent beings, we still do not fully understand everything about how foods affect our body’s systems, so it is vital to let nature do its thing (and let the foods do the work).

Here at our office, we offer Standard Process whole food supplements to support your nutrient deficiency. This whole food supplements can only be bought and available to approved health care provider like us, so that means you need to be our client so we can examine and determine the right whole food supplement you might need.

If you have further questions about the best supplements or want to understand your nutritional needs, please contact me directly here to set up your customized nutritional consultation. I look forward to partnering with you on your health journey in 2018!

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