What I Learned from Detoxing

Detoxing Your Life, Your Home, and Your Body

Sometimes I get on these detox kicks – I will decide to have closet decluttering: one shirt is no longer a great wear and all of a sudden half my closet is tossed across the floor in separated piles (1- Goodwill, 1- Keep). Or kitchen detoxing: I will clean out a cupboard shelf, and then somehow an hour later everything is perfectly organized and detoxed once again. It just feels great to clean out the old to make space for the new, doesn’t it?

The body is the same way. While the innate detox mechanisms are superb (and keep us alive and well all the time), we do bombard our bodies with a lot to handle (stress, sweets, fried foods, alcohol, sleeplessness, constant technological stimulation, etc). Therefore, it is helpful to give the body a little boost and extra TLC every one in a while.

#CleanseWithFriends — Last month, we did a GROUP DETOX with staff and clients, and it went so well! The best part about this program is that — we get to eat real food throughout the entire detox while eliminating more of the inflammatory foods (like sugar, grains, alcohol, soy, etc.). As we fuel the body with the good and keep away the more harmful, our detox systems are cleaning at a cellular level and helping us function at an even higher level. All through the power of nourishing food!

3 Things I Learned from Detoxing

1. Proper hydration during detoxification.

Water is so so important. In the first stages of detox, especially, I was getting rid of the gunk hanging out in my body. Water flushes out all the body toxins through perspiration and sweating, urinary and digestive system. Electrolytes can also help you get on track and avoid dehydration.

So as the foods flushed out my cells, all that stuff had to come out (in the form of a headache, bloating, and a bit of a stuffy nose). But water by design is a miracle-worker and helped speed up the detox process. Proper hydration (along with proper nutrition) is also vital for skin health and organ function and supports you throughout your detoxification journey. So more water it is!

2. Bowel movements tell a whole lot about what is happening on the inside. 

We are going to get nice and personal, is that okay?
The ideal poops should be soft and solid, medium to dark in color. They should happen 1-3x a day, and they should be easy to pass. If your stools look differently or are more or less frequent, something could be happening inside (so let’s chat to figure that out!).

With this body cleanse program or detox, we are using some pretty strong foods to clean out the tissues, cells, and organs. Pairing that with the elimination of inflammatory foods allows the body the chance to go into the intestines and get out the remnants of toxins that do not need to be there. And without that extra “weight,” so to speak, you have much more energy to do all the things in your day you want to do! It is a beautiful thing.

3. My perspective shifted on how to eat healthily. 

Busy schedules. Eating on the go. Not enough time — There are a lot of reasons to choose the easy fast-food option versus taking the time to prepare a quick salad. I get it, we all have very full days, and eating — to some — is a to-do rather than a restful time.

Good news! There are ways to lead full lives and still eat well. Doing so does take a bit of effort, but once you are in the swing of things, it’s a breeze! Pre-chopped veggies, crock-pot recipes, soups, and smoothies became my go-to options because they are one-stop shops that do not take a lot of time, yet are packed with nutrition.

I also get to travel for two of the three weekends during the detox and was able to stay on the program throughout the time away. I found restaurants that had lots of veggies and clean meat options – the local and organic places in the cities. Whole Foods was also a great resource because I knew what to expect.

For instance, one night, we needed food right off the highway, and we found a Whole Foods. So I marched into the store on a mission for organic sliced turkey breast, apples, and avocado. I made a delicious wrap out of them, and my tummy was satisfied!

Check out some of my quick and easy detox recipes.

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