What is Nutrition Response Testing? How Can Blood Works Help?

How do blood work and nutrition work together beautifully? Now that I have your attention, let’s chat!

The body works as a whole unit, and various factors are at play when talking about overall health — emotional stressors, food and nutrient intake (or lack thereof), sleep habits, exercise routine, sunshine and toxin exposure, etc. As we adjust the spine through chiropractic adjustments or loosen the muscles with massage therapy, the body requires specific nutrients to maintain the results from both therapies, and all three components work synergistically together to build up YOU!

So many of us walk around all day with symptoms our society has deemed normal, when in fact they are not. Being tired and bloated is not normal — sadly, it is common. Taking too long to get to sleep or waking multiple times in the middle of the night is not normal– these symptoms, too, are common. We have normalized symptoms that are actually not normal for our bodies — rather, they are signals from our bodies to get our attention that something is out of balance.

2 Nutrition Testing Techniques

Our goal in the nutrition program is to help your body avoid these roadblocks using nutritional intervention, so you can function optimally every day. We help you through the use of a clinically-based nutrition approach in order to get achieve holistic health benefits.

Nutrition Response Testing

One way we analyze your body is through a non-invasive technique called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT, or Muscle Testing), which uses your body’s neurological reflexes to test for nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, and toxicities that could be contributing to the root cause of ill health (symptoms). NRT is needle-free since it is non-invasive — perfect for everyone from the baby to small children to busy adults and elderlies.

Most of the medical practice diagnose and treat a disease, with NRT, we do the nutritional analysis through your own body’s reflexes and acupressure points to determine the underlying weakness or reason of health issues. Then, basing from that analysis — we create a personalized nutrition program to support every individual and get back on track.

Depending on the client’s condition, we sometimes recommend whole food supplements to support your nutritional diet. We may also ask you a adjust your food diet and eating habits as well as the lifestyle modification to help achieve the desired holistic results.


Check the link of video as I explain and demonstrate how NRT is done!

Blood Lab Testing and Analysis

Another technique we use is functional blood work levels.

In February, I spent an entire weekend mentoring under a well-established practitioner on the ins and outs of understanding blood work. I walked into the room first thing on a Friday morning to begin to comprehend all things blood-related, and 72 hours later, I finished with a binder full of copious notes, more questions, a greater understanding of how our bodies function, and a mission to help people feel and function even better.

Blood lab testing is the most common way and practice used to analyze what’s happening inside your body. Blood works are used to determine the levels of your serum proteins (albumin, transferrin, prealbumin, retinol-binding protein), the number and appearance of blood cells – red blood cells which are the most common ways to measure nutritional deficiencies and health status.

What Can Blood Work Tell Us?

A great deal, actually. There are different ways to analyze blood levels, but the key is to look at them from a functional standpoint (i.e. is your body in a critical state? Is it on its way to getting there? Or is it functioning optimally?).

Did you know there are distinct trends we can follow on the blood levels that can lead us to a root cause of an issue? Following these patterns begs us to ask the question, “What is the root cause of this trend?” For instance, your cholesterol numbers might be a bit “high”, but why is that the case? How is your blood sugar playing a role in that? Or your dietary fat intake (or lack thereof)? Or your liver enzyme levels (i.e. detox)? There are many questions to ask before coming to a conclusion about what a blood level actually means.

What’s Next?

Let’s get your blood levels checked! There are certain tests that give us the most specific understanding of what is happening internally, depending on each person. Whether you go through your medical doctor to get the labs run, or you need me to get you a blood draw requisition through an organization we utilize at the office, let me know, and I will get you the ideal tests to run for a robust picture of how your body is operating.


Remember, symptoms are not normal – they are common. The goal is to make a healthy body the normal and common thing! So, see your symptoms like a red flag warning, that something is off-kilter inside. Then we will help your body regain that balance once again.

By incorporating the blood lab works and NRT technique in our analysis, together we can evaluate the best route to take to increase your health, so you can feel and function at your highest level.

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