What To Eat When Stuck in the Airport?

Happy Fall! Where the heck did the summer go? My teacher friends are already talking about finals and Fall Breaks. You always hear that as you get older, time seems to go by faster. How fast is it going to go when I am double my age?! That is why living— and actually experiencing life— is so important.

So, flying this summer was a bit of a fiasco for me. I think I bring bad luck (and weather) to airports. But what am I going to do? I am at the mercy of mother nature and the flight controllers. Alas. One of the great challenges of flying, in general, is finding healthy food options. If you are traveling soon, for sure check out my post on What to bring for food on the plane.

But what happens when you have no control and get diverted to two different airports and are subjected to an airport gate that has 2 restaurants and 1 convenience store?

My old reaction was to get anxious and frustrated with the food options (or lack thereof). Here is the thing, though— in those moments, I had no control over the situation. None. I mean, if I could have summoned a Whole Foods into the food court at that moment, by all means, I would have done it. But unfortunately I haven’t spent enough time practicing that skill at Hogwarts, so I had to work within my means (without anxiety and frustration).

Checklist For Healthy Food Travels

Firstly, I reassured myself that whatever I was going to eat would be the best option I could choose at the time (remember from My Journey, I am a recovering perfectionist). Secondly, I scoped out my options. What were my options that could give me some sort of true sustenance?

Whether you are stuck in an airport or at a restaurant, attending a party, or in a setting where you are trying to figure out what to eat when you don’t have full control, go through this checklist in your brain:

  1. Are there any veggie options?
  2. Choose real foods that have a life.
  3. Avoid the processed/fried/sugar-laden options.
  4. Go raw if you can.

So what does that leave as options?

  • Raw nuts (or roasted if there are really limited options)
  • Fruit (there are always bananas, apples, and/or oranges somewhere at the airport),
  • Salads (ask them to top your salad with all of the veggies they have and avocado if they have it; also, toss with the raw nuts you got from the convenience store!),
  • See if there are any raw carrots or the little veggie dishes in the ridge section at the convenience store.
  • Remember to drink lots of water when flying because your body will be dehydrated. Water will also help move all the things through your body quickly, so you won’t experience indigestion (if that’s a thing for you). Also, remember to be gracious with your body— you are doing the best you can without a whole lot of control. So take authority over your food choice, and make the best decision possible. Then, drink your water while you people-watch, and enjoy the gift of a moment to yourself.

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