Winter Squash Soup – New Year Food Recipe

With the start of this 2017 year, I have been reflecting on this ever-popular idea of New Year’s Resolutions. We tend to speed so fast at the year’s starting line on January 1st toward better health, financial stability, or renewed relationships (all of which are incredible things). Our momentum is 100%-all-in to create change. We can for sure do this. Then, a couple of months into the race, we often times lose a bit of speed, and some of us even stop racing. We let go of the resolution— the commitment to ourselves— to do something differently.

What makes us lose steam? Often, it is one or both of two things: challenge and value (or lack thereof). Change is hard— I get it. We are creatures of habit, as the adage goes. Here’s the thing, though. If something is not working well, not lifting us up or helping lift up others, change is necessary.

Are you living a daily lifestyle that creates the best version of you? If yes, keep going, friend! If not, it is time to start reflecting on where change will be a positive thing in your life.

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

Value is required to make our priorities. We focus our attention, money, and time on the individuals and things that ultimately bring value to our lives. I classify people, obligations, material things, etc. by their levels of AV (a.k.a Added Value). Is this relationship an AV one, or does it cause more pain? Does this activity I have been doing for the past year have AV, or do I feel uneasy about going each week? AV is a method of deciphering priorities. This idea of AV is not just for you and me personally, but we can use it to measure how much value we add to the world.

So when it comes to resolutions, think about the AV things you want in your life. Write them down, and next to them, scribble down the steps it will take to get there. One foot in front of the other, my friends. And eventually, this effort will lead to habit, which morphs into a lifestyle. You are changing your life one decision at a time.

Cheers to Your New Year, New Goal!

To help you on your journey, fill your soul (and tummy!) with comfort and warmth. This Squash Soup is just the ticket to a successful goal-setting evening!

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