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Easy Meals for School Nights

Are you sure we all get 24 hours in a day? Doesn’t it sometimes feel like half of that?

Especially when you have gotten so much of your to-do list done (and still have a long ways to go, and you hear “Moooommmm! What’s for dinner?” Darn, what is for dinner?

In between homework, kids’ extra curricular activities, and oh yes, keeping them fed and alive. Mama, we’ve got you.

Firstly, do you have an air fryer and crock pot? You need both. They save SO much time when you are in a pinch.

Here are our top easy meals for school nights!

1. Grass-fed ground beef patties on the stove + sweet potatoes and broccoli in the air fryer.

2. @banza noodles with sauce on the stove + yellow and green zucchini in the air fryer.

3. Pastured chicken wings with Celtic sea salt and pepper (dash of avocado oil) in the air fryer with salad.

4. 5-ingredient chili from @minimalistbaker (we use meat in addition to or in place of beans/lentils in the crock pot.

5. Wild-caught mahi mahi on the stove + brussels sprouts in the air fryer.

6. Organic ground turkey with Celtic Sea salt, pepper, and @vitalfarms butter + asparagus on the stove.

7. Any paleo-type soup or stew in the crock pot - turn it to low in the morning/afternoon, and dinner will be ready to go.

8.All meals come with bare minimum of organic salad greens and @tessemae or @primal kitchen dressing.

Remember, meals do not have to be elaborate. They just need to be colorful, nourishing, and delicious!

What quick, healthy recipes do YOU like to make for your family? Share your inspiration below!

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