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My Kid is Always Sick!

“My kid is in daycare (or school), and all of our household is sick with colds, constantly.” Can you relate? Want to know why your child is sick often? Because he is building up his immune system.

Have you heard of your thymus gland? What about your spleen? Go with us on this, okay?

Your thymus gland is in the middle of your chest. It’s a small hormone/immune gland that remembers every single sickness (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.) your body ever encounters. Your spleen is a gland near the left side of your torso, under your left rib, and it remembers and filters out every red blood cell, as well as supports your white blood cells (i.e. it is a major player in your immune system).

Now, these glands are developing and remembering all of your child’s illnesses, so she can be protected all throughout life. It is her body’s way of creating defenses and then not getting those sicknesses again in years to come. Amazing right?

So that means, it can be okay your child gets a cold or runny nose more often (from a physiological standpoint). However, there are so many pieces that also can affect your child’s immune symptoms like:

  • Dairy (creates more mucus in the body)

  • Processed sugars and packaged foods

  • Processed wheat

  • Perfumes and fragrances in lotions/shampoos/cleaning products/etc.

  • A lack of good bacteria in her gut microbiome

Stay tuned for the next post with ways to support your child’s immunity!

In the meantime, hang in there my friend.

Oh, and be sure to take a look at the above list, and remove these items to best support your LO’s health.

Curious what’s going on with your child’s health? Let’s take a look and do some nutritional testing to determine root causes of these unwanted symptoms! DM us for more info.

*If your child is expressing constant severe symptoms, please seek medical attention.*

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