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Sugar is a Drug - Why Do We Crave It?

Did you know that sugar is MORE addictive than cocaine? Research shows that 9 times out of 10, rats were drawn to sugar water over cocaine.

Do you feed your children cocaine as a snack? Or do you indulge regularly in cocaine samples? We would argue that this drug is not a go-to food for you and your family. So why are we so quick to give sugar, then?

When we feed our children sugary treats or packaged foods laden with processed sugar, we start their addictions. Now, sugar in the form of whole foods is vitally important.

The brain, for instance, needs sugar. BUT the difference between real food sugar and all the processed sugar is that the body knows what to do with the food. It does not know how to handle overconsumption of processed sugar.

For your homework: take a look at the ingredients on all packaged goods in your kitchen, and note the amount of sugar in them. Total the grams of sugar.

American Heart Association recommends fewer than:

  • 9 teaspoons of sugar (36 grams)/day for men

  • 6 teaspoons of sugar (25 grams/day for women and children

How are you going to limit processed sugar in your family’s lives this month? Comment below!

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