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Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune System

Earlier this week we discussed WHY your child may be sick often. Today, let’s chat about how to support your child’s immunity.



  • Dairy: Dairy tends to increase mucus production (i.e. snotty noses, flem in the back of the throat, and lots of boogers. Dairy means cow’s milk, milk-based yogurt, and cheese.

INSTEAD, opt for unsweetened almond/coconut/hemp milk; yogurt from @laava @forager @kitehill ; and omit the cheese (sorry, we have yet to find a non-dairy cheese that is “clean” Please let us know if you have a suggestion!)

  • Processed sugars, wheat, packaged items [insert emoji] These foods cause inflammation in the body. If your child is already having immune responses, these foods create more obstacles your body has to figure out how to eliminate.

INSTEAD, opt for whole-food based foods like fruit and sunflower seed butter; carrots and organic hummus; non-grain chips from @plantsnacks @siete @simplemills ; grass-fed beef jerky from @missionmeats



  • Prioritize proper sleep. Kids need 8-11 hours of sleep, depending on their ages. Sleep routines are also important. The phone/computer lights throw off the body’s natural cycle.

INSTEAD, opt for your child to have low lighting, meditative or instrumental music, journal/prayer/quiet time, a calming yoga sequence 30 minutes before bed.

  • Get your LO outside to play! Between the Vitamin D from the sun, the grass under his bare feet (very grounding for the body), the time to be a kid (very good for his emotional state), and the time away from technology, outside is the best place for your child to be! Rather than time inside on technology.

INSTEAD opt for 1-2 hours outside playing each day.



  • Echinacea, Cod Liver Oil, Elderberry, food supplements high in Vitamins A and C and Calcium

  • Ensure the nutrients you are giving your child are from whole-food based supports. We love to use @standardprocess for this reason.

Please let us know if you need guidance on which supplements are right for your child!

Curious to learn more? Message us for more information and how your child can be on a personalized nutrition protocol that best suits his body’s needs!

How do YOU support your child’s immunity? Comment below!

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