Cleanse & Detox Programs

“Time for spring cleaning!” This phrase has been engrained in our culture, whether or not we participate in this suggested detox. There is merit to this idea of cleaning out a space that accumulates so many things over a period of time, and the body is no different.
These days, the body is exposed to incredible amounts of toxins (or poisons) from pollution in the air and water, processed and sugary foods, stress and anxiety, pesticides and sprays, perfumes and deodorants… and the list continues.

The body has a natural cleaning process that works day-in and day-out to keep all systems running efficiently. However, because of the previously mentioned (and more) circumstances and interferences, the detox organs can become overwhelmed and overly burdened with this job. Therefore, utilizing a whole-food-based cleanse supports these innate phases of detox and gets in-between the cracks to rid the body of those stubborn and hidden toxins.

Prices vary according to service, so get in touch with Jessica to see which option works best for you.

“Jessica worked with my son, a national level soccer player, to help him reduce his reliance on [medication] to relieve knee joint and other pain arising from an intense training schedule. Within a matter of days, my son no longer needed [the medication], and felt markedly better using nutritional supplements. Thank you, Jessica!!!!”

Laura B.

“Starting the Heal Program with Jessica Elizondo was so beneficial for me. I learned at a new level how to be responsible for my food, exercise, and supplements. I was amazed to learn that one particular food was not for me, causing so much distress, and now I am a much healthier and happier person. Jessica’s guidance was gracious, professional and totally inspiring.”

Brenda S.

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