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Helping you find true health in body, mind, and spirit.

Certified Nutritional Consultant 

Jessica is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), mama, and believer in the body's incredible power to heal. She specializes in prenatal and pediatric nutrition, though she serves people of all ages.
All people need nutritional support, as the body is fueled (or harmed) by the food we consume. There is a root cause to your symptoms, so work with Jessica to uncover what it is and get you on track to

After all, the world needs your best self. 
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Personal Nutrition Advising 

Pregnancy Nutrition

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Officially, our job is to uncover the root cause of people’s health issues and use nutrition to help overcome their health challenges.

But really, we use food to help people’s body’s function better.

Which really means we give people hope.

If you are looking for a nutritionist,
I highly recommend Jessica! I couldn’t be more satisfied and happier [with this journey]. This has changed my life! Prior, I had low energy, and was not happy with where I was in life with my health and physical well-being. Through muscle testing, and nutrition response testing, Jessica was able to identify the issues with my body and combining a holistic approach, taking Standard Process supplements, healthy eating and exercise I have been able to completely transform myself. I have never been more energetic and I am at my lightest weight that I have been in 10 years. The physical transformation is just the beginning; I’ve never been more confident! This transformation has affected my life in the most positive ways. Jessica is so knowledgeable and has provided so much guidance throughout the process. Change is intimidating, but she has been so wonderful and supportive, whether it be encouraging words or recommendations or recipes.

- Maris N. 

Jessica worked with my son, a national level soccer player, to help him reduce his reliance on [medication] to relieve knee, joint, and other pain arising from an intense training schedule. Jessica suggested an [herbal/food combination] for inflammation and joint [support]. Within a matter of days, my son no longer needed medication and felt markedly better using the nutritional supplements. Needless to say, I am enormously pleased that my son no longer runs the risk of damaging his kidneys through over-use of NSAIDs. Best of all, my son feels better than he has in quite a while. Thank you, Jessica!!!!

- Laura B. 

I have exercised regularly and eaten “clean” for several years. However, implementing Jessica’s holistic approach to nutrition has allowed me to see results that continue to impress me. Originally, I [wanted] to enhance my overall diet. Jessica did that and much more!! She identifies foods my body has an aversion to with the unique concept of Nutrition Response Testing/Muscle Testing. To my surprise, this testing also allows Jessica to determine how my body specifically is managing the stresses of everyday life, diet and exercise. Not only has Jessica guided me on the best foods for my body, she also provides direction in which whole food supplements can [support] detox, stress, and allergy [symptoms]!!  By identifying and removing certain foods from my diet, I not only feel better, but I see continued improvement in my skin and overall clarity on approaching what life throws my way. It’s amazing what food can do! Jessica is a breath of fresh air for the Atlanta nutrition scene, and I’m blessed to have her on my healthcare team!

- Stephen S. 

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