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About Your
Optimal Pregnancy

Help your body thrive, so you & your little one can thrive together. 

The Optimal Pregnancy Program

First and foremost, congratulations are in order!

You are on your motherhood journey, and we are so excited for you!

Once you get the exciting news of a positive pregnancy test, well-intentioned birth advice tends to come at you
full-speed from all directions (articles, social media, family, and friends).


It can all be confusing and overwhelming.

So, our goal is to SIMPLIFY your pregnancy and birth experiences.

Did you know you DO NOT HAVE to have to have heartburn, swollen ankles, or unnecessary weight gain? There are ways, my friend. 

When we partner together, you will learn so much about enjoying your pregnancy while building an incredible foundation for your growing little one! 

I tell people often, "If I could be pregnant every day, I would be." Food, movement, and sheer appreciation for the literal miracle developing inside of me all provided a
life-changing personal experience. Now, my mission is for every mama to love the 9 months she is given to grow a little human. You, Mama, are in for a real treat. 

So get ready, fuel your body with great food and movement, and embrace the life YOU are creating inside of you. 

ps. That job of creating a person makes you a darn rockstar. 


New Program
Coming Soon! 

Untitled design (8).png

We have an exciting program that is in the works for all of you pregnant mamas, and you won't want to miss it! 

Stay tuned! 

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