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Getting to the root cause of
your health symptoms





HOW does a Hair Analysis work? 

It is a test that uses Epigenetic “mapping” from 4 hair follicles (yep, just 4!). 
This process captures over 800 underlying indicators (i.e. root causes) which can provide a clue to understanding your body’s biological stressors (i.e. get to the root cause of your symptoms). 


It is noninvasive and complementary to conventional testing (also can observe conditions that are not always detected by traditional blood testing). 


WHAT will I learn about me? 

  • Levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants

  • Foods to consume (for therapeutic support), as well as foods to restrict (based on YOUR body's needs/intolerances)

  • An extensive evaluation on your immune, gut and circulatory systems

  • Environmental influences such as viruses, parasites, mold, toxins and EMF exposure (ick!)

WHO can benefit from a hair analysis test? 

Truly, everyone. Babies, toddlers, teens, adults, dogs, cats, hamsters. You name it.
If an important person or animal in your life is struggling with unknown health issues, this test is ideal. 


What if I don't have hair (i.e. bald or a newborn without hair)? 

Great question. The test can still work! We can use facial hair or eyebrows. 


How often do I need the testing done? 

Every 3 months, on average. Occasionally, though, we will test more frequently depending on what the findings show.


Do you offer packages for families? 

Yes, check out the link HERE! Once there, click on the number of people you want to get tested to see more info. 



We all can use the hair analaysis testing.




As adults, our bodies are exposed to more toxins than ever before in history (think chemicals in the air, our foods, cosmetics and toiletries, homes, etc.). And research is now showing how harmful these toxins actually are for our systems. We are also wildly nutrient deficient, wether that be our food choices or the quality of the soil in which our food grows. 


The power of the hair analysis is that it shows how our bodies are tolerating (or feeling burdened by) toxic overload and the foods going into our systems. 

Children's bodies are exposed to the same amount of toxins (if not more, honestly) than adults. Yet, their bodies are smaller and not as developed. Therefore, they tend to be more sensitive to the toxicity amounts. Then we toss in the SAD (Standard American Diet) for kids these days, which is devoid of so many necessary nutrients.


This test helps analyze why their bodies may be feeling overwhelmed with all they are encountering. 

Our fur babies have bodies just like we do - therefore, they also feel the affects of stress, toxins, and poor diet. So are you noticing symptoms from your pet? We can use this hair analysis to uncover root causes of health challenges that are target toward our four-legged friends, as well. 

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