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First Foods to Start With Littles

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Your LO is 6 months old- that means, food time! Typical first foods are rice, oatmeal, and cereal. However, we are going to change the game a bit and surprise you. These are NOT the best foods to start with your babe. Want to know what ARE the best foods? Pastured egg yolks, grass-fed meats (esp. red meat), and bananas.

WHAT?! WHY!? Let's start here.

Around the age of 6 months, your baby's iron level starts to drop. That's where the meat comes into play. The grass-fed meat - either ground and chopped or mixed into a paste with breastmilk- is providing so much of what your LO needs at this developmental stage. The pastured egg yolks provide health fats, protein, and essential nutrient called choline, especially for brain development. Good quality animal protein are super important and support the baby's nutrient needs.

We do NOT want to start with any grains until at minimum the age of 12 months. Baby's digestive systems are not fully developed and do not have the proper enzyme to break down carbohydrates (except bananas, which naturally come with the necessary enzyme). Therefore, cereal, Cheerios, oatmeal, etc. are not easily broken down and can create future digestive/immune issues. Even at 12 months, be sure to do organic options, as these foods are often covered in pesticides, insecticides, and other harsh chemicals.

Check out this @mamanatural article for lots more information!

Do you have questions about first foods for your LO? Comment below, and we will help!

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